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At LEŠNIK LENART, podjetje za proizvodnjo, trgovino in storitve, d.o.o., personal data are handled in accordance with currently applicable Personal Data Protection Act, GDPR regulation and the Rules for Personal Data Protection of LEŠNIK LENART, podjetje za proizvodnjo, trgovino in storitve, d.o.o., regulating procedures and personal data processing, as well as procedures and measures for safeguarding personal data, including responsibility and control during the processing phase.

By entering personal data in the web form provided on our website, each user of the website gives their personal consent for data processing, based on a special pre-made form which is submitted at the time of ordering the selected product.

As a website user, you can optionally specify on the consent form the purposes for which your personal data may be processed and you are instructed about your rights as follows:

As a user of our website (private client) you are informed that you may request at any time that the company LEŠNIK LENART, podjetje za proizvodnjo, trgovino in storitve, d.o.o.:

  • confirms whether to process your personal data or not and provides access to your personal data, included in our database, as well as their transcription or copy;
  • provides access to the personal data catalogue or the record of activities related to personal data processing;
  • sends you a copy of personal data which are included in the database and specifically relate to you;
  • sends you a list of users who received your personal data, with information about when, on what basis and for which purpose they were transmitted;
  • provides information about the sources of records in our database which refer to you, and about the processing method;
  • provides information on the purpose of processing and the type of personal data which are processed, including any necessary and relevant explanations;
  • explains technical or logical and technical decision-making processes in the event of automated decision-making process for personal data processing of an individual.

As a user of our website (private client) you are made aware of the fact that, in accordance with the applicable Personal Data Protection Act and the GDPR regulation, you also have the following rights:

  • the right to limited processing of your personal data, when one of the following conditions is fulfilled:
    • if you contest the accuracy of data (processing shall be limited during the period that allows us to verify the accuracy of personal data);
    • if such processing is unlawful and you refuse the deletion of personal data but request their processing be limited instead;
    • when our company, as data controller, no longer requires your personal data for the agreed processing purposes but you still need them to be able to assert, implement or substantiate legal claims;
    • if you lodge a complaint in connection with data processing, until it is verified whether legitimate reasons of the controller prevail over yours;
  • the right to request corrections of your personal data contained in our database (LEŠNIK LENART, podjetje za proizvodnjo, trgovino in storitve, d.o.o. is obliged to correct any inaccuracies in your personal data, furthermore you have the right (taking into account the purposes of processing) to complete any incomplete personal data, including submitting the supplemental statement;
  • the right to request the deletion (and “dismissal”) of your personal data – if you no longer wish your personal data to be processed and provided that there are no legitimate reasons for their further retention or processing, you may request your data be erased without undue delay, particularly when one of the following grounds applies (except legal exceptions):
    • when your personal data are no longer necessary for the purposes for which they were collected or otherwise processed;
    • when you withdraw your consent based on which they are processed and when there is no other legal basis for their processing;
    • when you object to the processing, provided that there are no other overriding legitimate reasons for processing or you object (at any time) to the processing when your personal data is processed for the purposes of direct marketing;
    • when your data has been unlawfully processed;
    • when your data must be deleted to fulfil legal obligations under the law of the Republic of Slovenia
    • when your personal data were collected in connection with a specific offer.
  • the right to be informed of the period during which your personal data may be retained;
  • the right to be aware that you are entitled to a legal remedy – lodging a complaint;
  • the right to personal data portability (only applies to automatically processed personal data).

The aforementioned rights shall not exempt you from your obligations specified in General Terms and Conditions or obligations towards you under the contract concluded with LEŠNIK LENART, podjetje za proizvodnjo, trgovino in storitve, d.o.o..


The amendment to the Electronic Communications Act (ZEKom-1; (Official Journal of the RS, Nos. 109/12, 110/13, 40/14 – ZIN-B, 54/14 – dec. CC, 81/15 and 40/17) has introduced updated rules about the use of cookies for storing or accessing information which is stored on devices used to access our website. The legal basis for ensuring privacy of internet users is set out under Article 157 of the above cited Act.

What are cookies?

We use cookies on our website

The controller of “cookies” is the company LEŠNIK LENART, podjetje za proizvodnjo, trgovino in storitve, d.o.o., with its registered office located at Zgornji Žerjavci 33A, 2230 LENART V SLOVENSKIH GORICAH.

Cookies are small files which are stored on your computer when you visit our website By using stored cookies, our website facilitates the use of its features as it automatically recognises your computer and thus simplifies the use of our services. Our website uses cookies that record the number of users on the website as well as the frequency of visits and they also provide feedback on which offers are most interesting for the users and based on these results we are able to better adapt our offer to your needs and desires.

You can edit you cookie storage settings in you preferred browser installed on the computer that you use to access our website. This way you can limit, delete or disable the stored cookies by yourself at any time.

Why are cookies necessary?

The cookie itself does not contain or collect specific information. However, when the cookie is read by the server together with a web browser, we can obtain information that will help us create a friendlier offer on our website. The cookie can only be read and used by the server that sent it. With the help of cookies, browsing our website is faster and easier.

The cookies that we use on our website are not designed to collect your personal data nor carry viruses or otherwise affect the operation of your devices.

Types of cookies and their use on our website

Temporary or session cookies are “alive” from the moment you open your browser and visit our website to the moment you end the session and close the browser. They are removed from your computer the moment you close your browser. Our website uses them to store temporary information, e.g. for ordering the selected product/service and they also help us improve the functioning and performance of our website.

Persistent or stored cookies will remain stored on your device after you leave our website and will be stored on your computer for about 6 months. Our website uses them, for example, to analyse our website’s traffic and these analyses are aimed at improving our offer.

Analytic cookies Google Analytics are used to collect information about the way you use our website and they also provide information on the number of visitors to our website. Information collected in this way is only collected anonymously and helps us improve the user experience on our website. Some analytic cookies are only used to determine the session duration and are instantly deleted when the session ends, while others may even be stored for up to 2 years; the exact data are provided in the following table.

We use the following cookies:

Cookie name
Cookie to view cookie information
1 year
A cookie that records that you agree to cookie information
1 year
A cookie that records your setting to record mandatory cookies
1 year
A cookie that records your setting to record optional cookies
1 year
The cookie uses a security system to prevent brute-force attacks and does not allow the identification of an individual user
Until the session ends
Firewall cookie to verify the login user’s role
Until the session ends
The cookie checks when the user is logged in and who is logged in
1 year
Google Analytics
2 years
Google Analytics
1 day
Google Analytics
1 year

The data collected by our own cookies are not transmitted to third parties.

The company LEŠNIK LENART, podjetje za proizvodnjo, trgovino in storitve, d.o.o. will handle all data collected on the website in accordance with Personal Data Protection Act and Electronic Communications Act (ZEKom-1) applicable at the time they were collected and your personal data will not be transmitted, sold or made available for use by third parties.

Cookie control

The use of cookies is under your control. You can entirely / partially accept or reject, remove or disable them at any time. You can view and manage cookies that are stored on your computer on this link: chrome://settings/content/cookies, and you can disable Google Analytics tracking by following this link: If you need help with managing cookies, you can also click on the “help center” section of your browser.