Additional Equipment

Double-acting front hydraulic connections
Double-acting front hydraulic connections – two hoses with quick couplings integrated on the cross-bracket
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Additional hydraulic control valves for the tractor
Walterscheid lower link quick hitch weld on hooks Cat.3L
Extra reinforcement bond
Extra reinforcement connecting the front linkage to the rear of the tractor. Essential for heavy duty applications.
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Snow plow mounting plate
For attaching a snow plow in the winter season.
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“T-joint” for quick coupling
“T-joint” for the rear quick coupling of the tractor
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The hydraulic accumulator (damper)
Protects the tractor with a heavy implement from shocks due to bumps. The hydraulic accumulator is used as a damper during transport. Hydraulic membrane accumulator with holder and tubing. The accumulator is already pre-installed and integrated into the front linkage.
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Support for gearbox housing
Lateral mounting brackets extended to the gearbox housing.
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Triangular headstock
Switch valve for 3 modes of operation
The valve enables 3 different modes of operation of front linkages 1. double-acting cylinder operation ((hydraulic lifting/lowering) 2. single-acting cylinder operation (hydraulic lifting/lowering under load) 3. lock operation (lock lifting/lowering)
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Empty weights 600 / 800 / 1000 / 1200 kg

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