Professional sweeper MLK


Professional utility design. For mounting on trucks, transporters, Unimogs, light trucks, utility and work machines. Free sweeping or waste collection.

Professional sweeper MLK


Working width
Sweeping roller
Theoretical collection bin volume
MLK 20
2050 mm
Ø 640 mm
315 Liter
730 kg
MLK 23
2350 mm
Ø 640 mm
355 Liter
730 kg
MLK 25
2550 mm
Ø 640 mm
380 Liter
810 kg


Standard equipment

  • incredibly robust and stable design
  • hydraulic rotation ± 20°
  • hydraulic lifting / lowering (MLK)
  • transverse suspension of the sweeping segment – lateral ground adjustment
  • hydraulic drive with an extremely powerful planetary hydraulic motor integrated in the sweeping roller for protection against damage
  • powered directly from the hydraulics of the carrying vehicle
  • sweeping roller diameter ø 640 mm, spirally positioned brushes, more aggressive cleaning, longer service life
  • brushes on the sweeping roller: PPN-, PPN- + steel ; (PPN – polypropylene)
  • individually adjustable pressure of the sweeping roller on the ground with continuous adjustment
  • caster wheels with elastic vulcanised rubber tyre
  • support legs
  • transport eye bolts
  • hydraulic hoses with quick couplings
  • lateral marking flags
  • the min. required flow rate of the pump on the carrying vehicle is 40 l/min

Additional Equipment

  • quick release mounting plate (utility plate), size 3 (DIN 76060, shape B) or size 5 (DIN 76060, shape A/B)
  • forklift attachment
  • loading system attachment
  • Cat. 2 three-point hitch
  • lateral sweeping brush with a diameter of ø 620 mm, adjustable, foldable and protected against lateral impacts with a spline cylinder
  • collection bin with a sensing wheel and hydraulic dumping
  • moistening system with spray nozzles, hoses and fittings
  • electric water pump
  • water tank
  • outline marker lamps with consoles