Self-loading salt and sand spreaders with roller


The PL salt and sand spreader

PL Models

Spreading width
For tractors from
PL 18
1,18 m3 (1180 L)
1,8 m
80 hp
480 kg
PL 20
1,30 m3 (1300 L)
2,0 m
90 hp
510 kg
PL 23
1,48 m3 (1480 L)
2,3 m
100 hp
550 kg

PL equipment

Standard equipment

  • 3-point hitch for the rear hydraulic lift mechanism on the tractor
  • self-loading design with a hydraulic cylinder (the tipping container enables self-loading of the spreading material)
  • hydraulic drive with powerful planetary hydraulic motor
  • powered by tractor hydraulics
  • continuous hydraulic adjustment of spreading volume
  • mechanically adjustable spreading volume
  • dosing rotor
  • mixing rotor located above the dosing rotor
  • hot-dip zinc plated and painted container – excellent anti-corrosion protection
  • recommended granulation of spreading material between 4 and 16 mm

Additional Equipment

  • electric controller (remotely controlled continuous adjustment of the spreading volume from the tractor cab)
  • switch valve (manual or solenoid)
  • protective tarp
  • lamps (traffic signalling equipment)